Truth, Lies, and Weapons of Mass Distraction

Written by Rob Kettenburg on June 10th, 2004

As unlikely as this may sound, I will stake my name and reputation on the fact that our government used 9/11 as an excuse for invading Iraq and seizing it's oil, worth approximately $4 trillion US - and let's not forget the fact that 9/11 and the War in Iraq have done a supreme job of distracting the public from Enron.

The average American knows "Only Congress can declare war." Very few Americans without a degree in political science, however, can tell you WHY. Since I have 2 of them, I'll fill you in: Only Congress can declare war on another country because at the outset Congress has to set aside money to rebuild the country after we’re through bombing them back to the stone age. Congress set aside $200 billion of our taxpayer dollars to rebuild Iraq at the beginning of this war. The contract money is distributed by The White House/Office of the President. Bush gave Houston's (Bush's Hometown) Halliburton most of that money. Vice President Dick Chenney sat on the board of Halliburton for quite some time. Since I used to bid government contracts, I happen to know that there's typically a 20% mark-up (profit) in the average government contract. Keep in mind now Bush gave Halliburton almost all the contract money to rebuild Iraq without ever giving anyone else the opportunity to bid on it. Twenty percent of $200 billion dollars is $40 billion dollars in PURE PROFIT. So, by allowing 9/11 to happen, Bush used that as a pretense for invading Iraq - THERE ARE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, and Bush, Chenney, and their White House lackeys stick $40 billion of our taxpayer dollars/profits from rebuilding Iraq in their pockets.

This war is really about millionaires becoming billionaires

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