Niagara County Court

Niagara County, New York


Town of Lockport, New York Court Docket #06030296



Robert Christopher Kettenburg, Defendant/Appellant

6491 Dysinger Road #18

Lockport, New York 14094

(716) 434-6871




Doo Sung of Hongís Apartments, Plaintiff/Appellee

6489 Dysinger Road

Lockport, New York 14094

(716) 689-9508





The purpose of this Motion for Waiver of Service is to bring the following info to this Courtís attention: I was wondering if this Court could tell me why Appellee (who owns 6489 Dysinger Road) was spending so much time at 6493 Dysinger Road, owned by the Passuccis? Right after a visit by Mr. Sung, new tenants moved into 6493 Dysinger Road, and they have made no secret of the fact that they would be watching my every move. Additionally, new tenants moved into Appelleeís building at 6489 Dysinger Road #11, which is the dwelling of Mr. Lebron, and they drive a white Chevy Trailblazer with NY plate DGR2987. This person, Caucasian male, spends almost all of his time staring out his window and into my apartment Ė not that it bothers me, itís just that my enemies are telling me Iím being watched very closely, and I have every reason to believe they intend to carry out an act of violence against me. Today, a tenant in my building (I donít know which apartment or his name) who drives a gray Ford Taurus with NY plate BGH5004, and who is a CLOSE personal friend of Tiffany Hale, (who lives directly below me) stood right outside my apartment with his new buddy (who is very big and muscular) and proceeded to point at me. Apparently they are getting a truck to move his new buddy into my building. He avoids me like the plague when heís alone or with Tiffany, but now that he has a new buddy, heís acting VERY brave Ė just like Mr. Lebron when heís around his buddies. I suspect the reason Iím being watched so closely is that my enemies intend to carry out an act of violence against me as soon as I leave my home for groceries or whatever. I might be completely wrong, but I thought it might be better to play it safe than sorry, hence this Motion, to let you know whatís going on and why Iím probably going to end up back in jail. The sooner you dismiss this case, the sooner I can appeal to the 4th Dept.


I certify that all of the information contained within this Motion for Waiver of Service is true to the best of my knowledge.