Voice of the White House

May 9, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
The death throes of the American print and television media are highly entertaining to observe. For many decades, American public opinion was rigidly directed by a media that was entirely controlled by corporate entities. A politician deemed by the economic oligarchy as undesirable, was duly trivialized by the media and another politician, known to be friendly to oligarchy needs, was praised. With the advent of the Internet, all of this began to change and slow though the controlling entities are to change, blogs favorable to their needs were created and praised, Social networks, so popular with the mindless, were set up under official control so that intimate and personal data on any user was easily available to authority. Now, the threat to public control poised by the Internet is causing the oligarchy and its minions to feel they ought to take control of it and shut off any dissent that could impinge on their needs and plans.