Voice of the White House

June 9, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“It’s always interesting to note what our useless media does not talk about. Right now, there is a growing global shift to fascism but here, no one wants to talk about it. In Europe, the flood of hated Muslim immigrants is going to cause terrible racial uproar and the frantic attempts on the part of the EU people to shut this off is useless. To be blunt, we have a black president now and this is driving a portion of the population into a growing rage. It doesn’t matter that Obama is very competent and doing a fine job. The rednecks won’t have any of it. The greedy pig bankers hate him and the Jews are starting to hate him because, unlike Bush, he does not suck at Israel’s tit. When Obama was over there, I wonder if he got to saw what was left of Sharon? Comatose and smelling bad with bits and pieces falling off from time to time and stuck in jars of formaldehyde to await the Day of Atonement. I heard the aide of a lunatic Southern Baptist Congressman say the other day, ‘Where is Lee Harvey Oswald, now that we need him?' I pointed out that such comments could get the babbler into serious trouble but he only laughed at me as he drooled on his tie. Ah, well, spare me from living in interesting times. The neo-nazis are making scary advances in Europe. Economic collapse and a huge flood of easily identifiable aliens are not a good mix…at least for the aliens. Look what happened to the flood of Poland’s unwanted Jews that fled to Germany in the early 1920s. They couldn’t assimilate and Hitler had his chosen targets ready at hand. It will probably happen here as well but then one never knows.”