Voice of the White House

December 9, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
An extremely classified memo now making the rounds inside the Beltway concerns the full and often eager cooperation of various American tech companies with massive government spying. And included are names, copies of memos from various company executives promising 'full cooperation' with the NSA spying ventures. These very important persons fall all over themselves to lick the bottoms of third rate bureaucrats. The lengthy memo also includes the cooperation of personal sites where foolish Americans put up their personal data. Now that the Blessed Snowden, whom the Administration would like to kill as soon as possible, has started his program of exposures, the tech people are seeing huge numbers of the profitable public deserting them, so they now pretend that the snooping is shocking and, naturally, they had nothing to do with it whatsoever and that this should be controlled. Mark you, the President has absolutely no intention of stopping the programs of constant and thorough snooping into the private lives of any and all Americans he and his crime partners desire. And as an added advantage to the project to put dog collars on all of us, various Government-friendly businesses can get information on their rivals. Israel can find out about those who do not like them and, of course, politicians can dig up dirt on all their potential rivals. Don't believe it when you read about the shock and horror expressed by the trade leaders. If push comes to shove, the aforementioned memo could easily be posted on a dozen sites to enrage many and entertain the rest of us.