Voice of the White House

December 9, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
Times change and we must change with them. Israel once had unquestioned and extensive clout with the American government. Much of this was due to the Jewish vote in this country, coupled with the power of the American print and other media, almost entirely in Jewish hands. But with the rapid loss of media power, due to swiftly shrinking readership and, in the case of television, viewers, that aspect of power has shrunk dramatically. When Netanyahu came to Washington recently, he had a private interview with Obama, during the course of which, Bibi demanded that the United States attack Iran and bomb Tehran flat. He also demanded that the United States carpet bomb all of southern Lebanon to destroy a large network of Hezbollah rocket sites that could blanket all of Israel with rockets. In both cases, Obama refused the request. Netanyahu then mentioned the forthcoming election and told the President that if he did not follow order, the Jews would vote against him and support Romney. This had no effect on Obama and when Bibi went to the Israeli Embassy, he called the President a 'fucking nigger' and other uncomplimentary things. What Bibi, and the Ambassador, did not know was that the US Army has bugged the Embassy so that no phone call, no secret cable, no email and no conversation goes unrecorded. The upshot of this is that Israel finds itself on Obama's short list of people to dump and it is rumored in the intelligence community that Bibi will soon be forced out in favor of someone less bombastic.