Voice of the White House

April 9, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
Look to the North, turn your lonely eyes towards the Arctic for that is where the curtain is slowly rising on the next comic interlude of failure and rejection. As you probably do not know, our beloved CIA is packed with Jews, many of whom are Israeli citizens. And they send all manner of secret material to the Blessed Home on a daily basis, often via their Embassy in Washington. Thanks to 'Ca-Ca' Karpowitz and Benny the Dinge Queen, Tel Aviv knows all about our not-secret plans to try to force Putin's hand in the (hopefully) oil-rich Arctic. Yes, they got their fingers on the plans to force Canada to allow massive American military presence in Canada's northern reaches, with or without public Canadian support. They also know about the build-up of tattered units in Alaska, preparing to move east into yet-to-be-constructed military, air and naval bases north of Hudson Bay. Consider, if you will, the dismal record of past efforts to encircle and overawe Russia. Putin stopped the Nato-enrichment of Eastern Europe by his incursion into Georgia (a then-growing American logistical base) which caused American troops to hastily evacuate. This was under the aegis of George W. Bush, a binge drinker and closet queen, and the next series of entertaining punts in the cohones by Vladimir came with his flat rejection of Obama's shrill and comically menacing demands for the shipping back of Ed Snowden, and then Putin's excellent handling of threats to invade Syria at Tel Aviv's urgent request, followed by his anticipated response to our CIA clumsy fomenting of 'popular rebellion' in Kiev by reabsorbing Crimea. The fact that our Navy was frantic to lay its hands of the huge naval base there was another interesting aspect. Predictably, the poverty-stricken and debt-ridden Ukraine howled for assistance from the West and got nothing in return. What, I ask, is next? Sanctions? The Russians took back all their American securities and threatened to dump them on the market. If, by some interesting chance, China did the same, the dollar would rank with the lira or the Mexican peso in value. I notice that shrill demands for sanctions became very quiet after someone realized what could happen. The public was distracted by the cat-in-the-tree stories about the vanished air liner and now our media can find yet another story to pump into the public. How about noble statements of a 'Free, International Arctic' (under American supervision, naturally) where 'sensitive and caring' oil drilling would be under an American-approved (and ecologically correct) drilling program and, a program to open the Arctic up to free commerce and, best of all, a dynamic program thought up by our own President, to Save the Arctic Seals. All of this is a bit protracted in nature, but it beats 'South Park' every time.