Voice of the White House

November 9, 2007

Washington D.C.:
“Now that Congress has overridden a Bush veto for the first time, the dam is seriously leaking. Bush is a bitter, shallow person who believes that he is an important person who should be obeyed. The Republicans in Congress have not obeyed him by daring to join with the Democrats in overriding an Imperial veto. Next, Congress might pass a bill that restricts Bush’s unrestricted and deadly war in Iraq . He, of course, will veto it and if Congress dares to override this, they will pull out all the plugs to try to scare the rest of us to death with invented stories and threats of invasion by armies of armed Muslims. None of this idiotic garbage has been true and none of it will be. If you yell ‘Wolf!’ too many times, no one will come and finally, the Fenris wolf will eat Bush alive and the rest of us can open a can of lager or a bottle of champagne and celebrate. Mark my words that the dire warnings will start up again but this time I don’t think even Bush or Chertoff will drag out duct tape or other scare material. Remember, the louder they yell , the more they are hurting.”