Voice of the White House

October 8, 2015

Washington, D.C.:
Any expert on propaganda must be screaming with laughter over the American and British press bellowings about the Russian attacks on Syrian rebels. The press howls about 'dead civilians' but when we blow up a hospital, it automatically becomes a 'terrorist headquarters.' The US air strikes kill many civilians but our dead civilians are 'terrorist gangs' and the Russian-caused casualties are 'innocent women and children.' Israel does not like Assad because he was permitting the Russians to send weapons to Hezbollah via Syria and dragged the US into the war as their proxy poodle. When the evil Saudis, for purely religious reasons, started ISIS, the US helped train, fund, and equip them. Now that ISIS has proven to be a mob of murderous, fanatic thugs, we turn a blind eye. And when the Russians blast the CIA-run anti-Assad people, the press of both England and America scream with horror. I have had knowledge of a number of intelligence agencies in my career and I have found the American ones to be the most ill-educated and stupid of the lot. The CIA started the recent rebellions in Kiev and what did it get them? An encirclement of resource-rich Russia? No, it lost the Crimea with its wonderful naval base the US Navy fully expected to take over, and, more important, the rich off-shore Crimean oil deposits. Washington had already apportioned out parts of these fields to friendly, and politically contributing international oil companies and the rage when these were booted out by the Russians was marvelous to behold. Wherever there are rich oil and gas deposits, we find the US ever eager to bring liberty, peace, and freedom to an oppressed peoples. When our military and CIA gets finished with the sitting governments in these countries and hangs their leaders, the business communities move in, rubbing their hands. I note that US troops will remain in Afghanistan, 'To maintain domestic stability in a newly-liberated country,' but in fact, to protect the opium fields there that the CIA makes so much money exploiting. Bob Crowley, a Deputy Director of the CIA's Clandestine Operations, told me all about how much money his CIA friends made smuggling raw opium to Columbia to be refined into heroin. 'Peace and freedom?' If you believe this, say hello to the Easter Bunny when he brings you fireworks this Christmas.