Voice of the White House

November 8, 2019

Washington, D.C.:
I was walking back to my work area after lunch today when I encountered a woman of interest wandering in the hall. She had long hair, no makeup, wore a huge crucifix around her neck and carried a purse that looked capable of carrying car bombs. She stopped me and asked me:íHave you found Jesus?í I looked concerned and replied, ĎI didnít know he was lost. Is there a reward?í She glared at me. ĎAre you a Satanist? Iíll tell President Trump about you!í she screamed. I am surprised she didnít wet herself. There are plenty of these loonies around here these days but there are more retread fascists slinking up and down the halls. I keep looking for the swastika armbands but so far have not had any luck...