Voice of the White House

November 8, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
What has not been spoken, or written, concerning the wholesale official snooping on the American (and foreign) public by American intelligence agencies is the fact that the snoopers are spying on American Congressmen for the President, and also on American business entities for their business secrets. These are passed, for cash of course, to their rivals who are friendly with the snoopers. They also spy on foreign banks and businesses, in their own countries, and pass the information to 'Interested American' entities like rival banks and businesses and the White House. And trust me, the snoopers are also spying on their girl or boy friends, their wives or husbands, their children and anyone they choose. That none of this has anything to do with what is laughingly called National Security is something that vastly amuses everyone, except the victims. Believe that Obama is determined to keep the domestic spying in place and unhindered.