Voice of the White House

May 8, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“Once, the far right in this country, as represented by the Republicans and their main allies, the Zionists, the militant Evangelicals and the large banks, thought that they had established their own civil dictatorship in America. Their clumsy, fascistic attempts to control, or try to control, the population, became so obvious, and so obnoxious, that they were finally ousted from power and sent packing into the political wilderness. That having been said, they are sill out there in the swamps, croaking like manic frogs and lusting to return to power. The far right shows no class and certainly no intelligence. The fat buffoon, Limbaugh, pops his fistfuls of pills and rants that Obama is evil and nothing he does, or says, should be of any interest. The ludicrous Sarah Palin is still under the impression that she is important and AIPAIC is frantically running all over this town, hoping to stave off certain disaster. I don’t know who are more pathetic: the religious nuts or the militant Jews. They remind me of a disorganized bee hive when the queen is killed. (In this case, the queen went to live in Texas. They deserve each other, believe me.) Whatever he really might be, Obama is a marvelous political animal and I would venture a guess that he is very slowly but surely reestablishing the confidence of the public and thereby stopping the downward slide of the economy started by the Republicans. I predict that he will smile, talk and smile more and accomplish a good deal with his political power. He reminds me of the old saying that he who goes softly goes safely and he who goes safely goes far.”