Voice of the White House

March 8, 2012

Washington, D.C.: "The recent gleeful and often eager reports of opposition to Russia's Vladimir Putins' resumption of the presidency of Russia are symptoms of his detestation in certain elements of the West, and in the United States, the utter frustration of a consortium of American and British oil men who lost their growing control over Russia's natural gas and oil industry when the CIA-friendly and financed Boris Yeltsin finally became so involved with alcohol that his usefulness vanished. Vladimir Putin was mistakenly viewed as an easily controlled entity and elements of our intelligence and business communities welcomed his presidency. The so-called 'Oligarchy,' in essence a mob of Russian Mafia-type Jews with no business experience but a good deal of American money behind them, bought up the rights to Russia's oil and gas and began to work deals in the United States and England. The IMF through two of its Jewish members, eagerly supported the economic raping of Russia and much of the illegal monies in these deals were run through the Bank of New York, ran by an Israeli citizen. Putin proved to be far less tractable than the business power elite initially thought and little by little, he regained national control over Russian natural resources, removing and jailing a number of the Oligarchs. Then, the far right in this country, using the ever cooperative CIA, poured billions of dollars into the Ukraine, instigating the so-called Orange Revolution that ousted a pro-Moscow government and replaced it with a pro-Washington one. The greatest prize, from the American point of view, was American control of the enormous and vital former Soviet naval base at Sevastopol and control over a large network of oil and gas pipelines by which Russia had to use to ship oil and natural gas to customers in Europe. Also put into motion was an encirclement of both European and Asiatic Russia with the so-called 'Nato' plan. The Balkan states, Poland, The Czech Republic, Georgia, and many of the 'Stans were pulled into the American camp as a means of establishing an iron collar around Russia to force her eventually to break up into smaller, and weaker, 'independent' countries. Putin struck back in a brilliant move. Georgia is ran by an unstable man who, seeing over 6,000 American military 'advisors' in his country ostensibly as support against Russia, began to bluster and threaten Putin. But using the excuse of the plight of two of Georgia's heavily Russian provinces, and because of the Georgian President's attacks on them, he sent armored troops into Georgia in support of these breakaway provinces. The crux of this matter was that the Pentagon, very fearful that a shooting war might accidentally break out between American and Russian units, ordered an immediate evacuation of all American military units, leaving behind tons of military equipment and trucks filled with tons of secret documents and a terrified Georgian President. The Russians eventually withdrew, except from the two provinces, but the real damage had been done. All of the 'Nato' countries saw the United States as a weak country, fleeing from the Russians and obviously not able to support them should Russia be determined to use military force against them and they immediately backed away from sticking their tongues out at Putin, sure of American support. The loudest of the pack were the Poles and when they realized that they would be overrun by the Russians in a few days without the slightest assistance from their American backers, made loud peace overtures to Russia. This seriously annoyed the Americans and when a plane packed with Poland's social and political elite flew to Smolensk for a rapproachement with Putin, someone tampered with the automatic ground controls of the tree-surrounded airport so the Polish pilot thought his altitude was much higher than it was, crashed the plane and killed everyone on board. Of course the American propaganda machine at once hinted at Russian guilt but the truth, well-known in American top level intelligence circles, is that the job of fiddling with the remote and unguarded ground control devices was done by the CIA to teach the Poles, and others, a lesson. That it had no effect on the wavering countries is typical of the pseudo-intellectual gross incompetence of the CIA. And when Putin announced his return to office, the CIA swang into action again, pouring American taxpayer money into supporting public demonstrations against Putin. These did not work, to the frustration of elements in Washington, and now they have to deal with the reality of Putin's renewed hands on control of his country. And a formerly arrogant anti-Russian eastern Europe will no longer receive shipments of oil and gas because Putin has instituted new pipelines completely bypassing them. I recently lunched with a Russian journalist and I asked him, partially in jest, what a tree full of hanged Ukrainian CIA sell-outs would be called. His response? A Kiev wind chime."