Voice of the White House

July 8, 2018

Washington, D.C.:
According to FBI statistics, nearly 800,000 people are reported missing each year. Out of the 800,000 people reported missing, approximately 75% percent of missing person cases are resolved within 24 hours. Most of these are runaways and victims of parental kidnapping. 650,000 are accounted for leaving a balance of 150,000 per annum unaccounted for. The solved vanished include men wanting out of a bad marriage without the process of divorce, kids running away and making a go of it, women running off with other men and changing their names, disenfranchised people crossing the border and seeking a different life, criminals on the run, and people checking out the 'have another identity' sites on the internet and using them to escape credit problems and bill collectors. But it is interesting to note that those unaccounted for never surface again, anywhere. No one knows why they vanished or what happened to them. In a typical incident, a happily married young man drove to the local market, shopped for food, put the food into the trunk of his car and was never seen again. His car was found, but he never was. He never contacted any relative or friend, no money ever was taken from his bank account and law enforcement could never find any motive for his vanishing without a trace. In another case, a top CIA official walked down the driveway of his country home with his wife watching him and he suddenly vanished. His footprints were seen in the freshly dampened dirt driveway and like him, they stopped suddenly and did not continue. No one ever saw him again. Where all of these vanished went, no one knows. There are questions, but no answers.