Voice of the White House

January 8, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“The American public seems to love conspiracy stories, as witness to the frenzies over the 9/11 episode, the stories about the ‘Chem-Trails,’ the fatal private plane crash of Paul Wellstone, the impending arrival of ‘Planet-X’ and various other entertaining stories about the probable appearance of Jesus Christ on bodega walls or cheese sandwiches.

There is, however, a very real and very deadly, ongoing conspiracy that many people are only dimly aware of and not only is it real, it has cost, and will cost, the American people their homes, their pensions and their life savings.

For centuries there have been stories, rumors and hints that various Jewish groups, mostly bankers and financial manipulators, were involved in massive financial swindles, political manipulations and even the instigation of various wars and revolutions from which they and their relations could reap a profit.

One of the most prolific and well-read exposés of Jewish manipulations is the notorious ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.' From its first appearance in Russia in 1905, this work has sold millions of copies and been translated into 22 languages. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than a political forgery by the Tsar’s secret police. Taken from a French political satire, it has been branded by Jewish groups as a forgery. It is. It is also based on much earlier writings that most certainly are not forgeries. There was a meeting of the top Jewish leaders of Europe, called in 1806 by Napoleon, who produced a large body of theoretical work on Jewish control, all of which can be found in official French archives and from which the Protocols is descended.

Today, we are in the grip of a deadly financial, political and military crisis that has been engineered by Jews and Jewish groups for their own profit, both political and financial. This is not a matter of silly bloggers and their easily-disproved strange stories but a deadly matter of documented truth. Much of this truth can be found here and there in libraries and on the internet but no one has ever bothered to collect it and make coherent sense out of it.

Since the late 1960’s, a unit of the Pentagon has been monitoring international diplomatic and military communications, to include those of the Israeli government and intelligence agencies. From these intercepts, it is clearly evident that there is a specific plan on the part of some Jews to infiltrate the highest levels of the American political and economic agencies with the sole purpose of giving unconditional support to the state of Israel. I should comment here that during the Roosevelt era, we had a similar movement but these people sent all their intelligence material to Moscow, because then it was believed that Josef Stalin loved Jews and protected them. It has later been discovered that Stalin actually hated Jews and late in his life, determined to remove them all from Russia as “internationalists” who owed no loyalty to Russia but only to themselves, their people and, later, to Israel.

We have the case of Jonathan Pollard who supplied Israel with “a boxcar” full of the most sensitive intelligence material and many others whose names are not as well known. We had the outrageous Israeli military attack on a U.S. ship, the ‘Liberty’ and we saw Lyndon Johnson refuse to go to its assistance because Tel Aviv asked him not to. We have seen the deadly growth of the so-called Neocons, almost all of whom are Jewish and many of whom are Israeli citizens and some who worked for Israeli intelligence networks before coming to the United States. We have the shadowy but very real presence of the Israeli Mossad working against American interests in America even as I write. The CIA is now filled with Israeli people and all of whom burn up the wires or stuff the mails to Tel Aviv with information they glean from their jobs.

But even more obnoxious, are the activities of a legion of Jewish bankers, financial manipulators and thieves, whose activities have directly contributed to the collapse of the American economy. Their manipulations pushed up stock and real estate prices and when they had taken their profits, they withdrew and allowed the markets to collapse. The current posterboy for Israeli theft is Bernie Madof who stole billions, banked most of it in the total safety of Israeli banks from which it can never be returned to its victims. This is not the first time this has happened as witness the Jewish Oligarchs of Yeltsin’s Russia who, with the assistance of their co-religionists in the World Bank and the IMF, looted Russia and, like Madof, stuck their boodle into Tel Aviv banks. Those who did not flee to England, escaped to an Israel who has never deported a Jewish citizen to face criminal charges in another country.

This sort of thing has not gone unnoticed by American intelligence agencies. The FBI has been recording information on AIPAC for years and the U.S. Army has been doing the same thing to the supposedly secret messages to and from Israeli diplomatic centers for an even longer period than the FBI.

Many of these records of theft, treason and pillage have appeared privately and now, most certainly now, is the time for this entire deliberate scheming to be exposed to its victims, the American public. It has been published but not stressed that almost all of the crooked mortgage brokers who falsified applications so that impoverished citizens could buy a house and then sold these worthless pieces of paper to the banks. Now, millions are being thrown out of their homes and the direct result of this thieving is that the American housing market has totally collapsed, causing ruin and havoc all over the nation. The brokers, however, are nowhere to be found, at least not on this continent, and they are enjoying the fruits of their labors in safe havens.

That such outrageous, and obvious, thefts as those perpetrated by Bernie Madof and others, as yet free and officially undetected, have escaped the attention of regulatory agencies like the SEC is nonsense. A Ponzi fraud would be child’s play for the competent auditors at the SEC to detect, yet Bernie passed the test on at least four separate occasions. Why did this happen? Because Bernie is a connected Jew and as such, in the current American political and business climate, untouchable. News reports are that Bernie had to “turn in his passport” so as to avoid escape. Which passport, pray tell? His American one or the Israeli one? The entertaining part of all this, if indeed entertainment can be found in such damaging, public and outrageous thefts, is that Bernie stole from fellow Jews. But then, of course, the money all ends up in Israel (but in different hands of course).

There are two basic issues here and they are: that Jewish financial speculators are rampaging all over the American economic scene, stealing, lying and conning everyone, safe in the knowledge that they can hide their money and their worthless persons in Israel and both will be safe from American justice, and the second is that Israel has virtually taken control over such agencies as the CIA, the White House and most of the American media so that they may press their own agenda (such as murdering defenseless Arab women and children) without fear of hindrance from a thoroughly cowed American establishment.

Complaints, allegations of theft of money and state secrets and other high crimes and misdemeanors all are either officially ignored or deliberately covered up, solely because of the great power of the Israeli lobby in the United States today.

Money and political power these creatures of the night and dark places do have, but should their victims, en masse, ever find out the truth behind the damaging manipulations, the trees of American forest preserves and city parks will bear strange fruit in the morning light.