Voice of the White House

February 8, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“A bit of interesting news. The GOP’s very own Marylin Chambers’ educational photos have been a big hit. We have been advised that about 300 sets were sent out before several gentlemen in black trench coats visited poor Fran’s place and confiscated several boxes of mail. They were, as usual, too late to prevent the initial mailout but they did take more mail to open and inspect. Sarah shouldn’t talk with her mouth full, is all I can say. I also note that our wonderful Chinese friends got caught by the U.S. for shipping tens of thousands of fake U.S. gold and silver coins to crooked coin merchandisers. Also, the hilarious and devastating ‘Conversations with the Crow’ (the Crow being Robert Crowley, top CIA official) is now in e-book format. You can find this howler at: www.conversationswiththecrow.com along with lots of other really informative works. I have heard from friends who know that the American health insurance industry is going to be in for a terrible shock very soon but the public will certainly benefit from the reasons for this shock. Couldn’t happen to nicer people. Rush Limbaugh was caught smuggling crates of viagra onto a Florida airstrip. Why? Viagra would certainly be of no use to Chubs, but maybe he passes it around to his limp-dicked television producers. Come to think of it, why not ring up Rupert Murdoch about this? If you find a need, fill it, if not with uplifting thoughts, then the next best thing. Lock the sheep up, Ma, them Republicans just drove up!”