Voice of the White House

February 8, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
"The make-up of the current professional White House staff is quite different from that of the Bushies. Far fewer nutty Christian babblers, the disappearance of far-right fascists, and best of all, the Decider has moved out and into a covenanted neighborhood (no blacks allowed) in Dallas from whence great silence will reign. Now, back to a favorite theme: Bernie Madoff. Yes, no one wants to talk about where Bernie hid all his money. We know he hid it in Israeli banks and investment firms where it is very safe from seizure by American authorities. What has not been made public is who in Israel, and the United States, knew what Bernie was up to and, more important, when he was up to it. No swindled investor will ever get back a cent of the stolen money and the authorities in the U.S. and Israel are frantically hoping for a fatal heart attack in the very near future. After all, we cannot dare question Israeli authorities. Why? Well, for threatened political punishment from such groups as AIPAC for daring to even look cross-eyed at Israel, let alone make their banks give money back. I intend to keep on about this subject until the American public becomes fully aware of it and I have dug up a nearly complete listing of those whom Bernie ripped off. I attach the link to this posting."