Voice of the White House

May 7, 2011

Washington, D.C.:
“I find the American media extremely entertaining by their slavish and frantic efforts to blanket the nation with whatever disconnected fiction the White House has been inventing about the Bin Laden alleged capture. If Obama’s people decided that Bin Laden was wearing a dress at the time, believe it that the New York Times would trumpet this above the fold on the front page, followed with eight more supportive articles inside. No wonder the American print media is collapsing!

And on another subject, I have been observing that when I click on a legitimate news article, very often an advertisement pops up behind it. These ads are mostly for third rate services such as toenail trimming, goat neutering, and local whore houses. I have discovered that this unwanted trash comes from Google who is flooding the Internet with reeking commercial garbage, complete with flies and cockroaches. And every time I look at Google and click on something of interest, I am informed that Google has decided to redirect me to more trash ads. If you delete this crap, you can get back to the main Google page and reclick on the desired subject. This time you will get it without the local emporiums who peddle used douche bags. Google also is well-known to work for the government and eagerly supplies any agency with personal material they have acquired from Internet viewers. Facebook is almost as bad but Google is much bigger and much more odious.”