Voice of the White House

June 7, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
There are a number of important subjects that are not discussed in the media. That is because the bureaucracy is totally incapable of dealing with them. These subjects are: the rapidly rising sea levels along the east coast of the United States. Sooner, rather than later, a huge number of Americans will become displaced and have to move. They not unreasonably would expect some kind of governmental relieve. They won't get it because the government is spending most of its tax-payers' income funds for futile military operations. The second subject is the enormous unemployment situation. It is never truthfully discussed and papered over and ignored because, again, the government cannot do anything about it. And the third subject is the fact that about 75 million Amerians have MERS on their mortgage which means they can never find out, nor can anyone else, who actually owns their title. This means they cannot sell their property. Again, the government cannot do anything about it. The solution to these problems? At the present time, none. The public would have to become aware of them, realize that the government to whom they pay taxes cannot, and will not, address these issues, and then do what they must.