Voice of the White House

July 7, 2012

Washington, D.C.:
The coming elections will merely be much of the same. The rabid right-wing Republicans are determined to help the rich (which many of them are via massive bribing by K Street lobbyists) and screw the poor. If it were up to Romney and his friends, like the Koch family, all Social Security, food stamps, and Medicaid would be abolished. What those who depend on these programs to survive do will be eventually take to the streets and, as the French say, go to the barricades. To prevent this, the government has redoubled its surveillance efforts to detect, identify, and eventually neutralize any group that could reprise the widespread public anti-war and anti-government movements of the Vietnam war period. The well-armed public would eventually erupt into full-scale rebellion and the soon-to-be flooded national capitol will have legions of crooked officials dangling from lamp posts or the local trees while burning buildings light the scene. The economic problems this country suffers from now are a direct result of the deliberate removal of market controls designed to prevent economic bubbles from reprising the 1929 boom-and-bust economy. But they do not need to worry if the Republicans gain the White House. The Republicans want to pass laws through Congress neutering possible resisters and at the same time, protect themselves and their thieving friends.