Voice of the White House

December 7, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “In the waning weeks of the Bush administration, Bush will be trying to jam through all kinds of Presidential Orders designed to both address the wishes of his wealthy friends and to punish the American voters for daring to vote against his policies and the Rovian dream of a Perpetual Republican Majority. Ever vindictive and petty, Bush hopes to reinforce what he sees as his blessed legacy but which a sorely tried American public will only see as the last pathetic chapter of a badly failed presidency.

Ever sensitive to the needs of the fanatical Christian right, Bush is moving on the abortion field with a vengeance but even more important, he is seriously considering a plan to scrap the venerable and economically vital FDIC.

This plan, which protects American bank deposits, has only recently been increased in limit so as to encourage a public that has growing fears of possible bank collapses. Rumors about very serious problems with the giant Bank of America coupled with the collapse of Wachovia and other top entities has only added fuel to this bonfire of economic vanity.

A number of bankers, who always have ready access to the Oval Office, have been pushing Bush to suspend the activities of the FDIC so that in the event that they, or their friends’ banks should fail, the government (which cannot certainly now afford more outlay of “bailout” money) will be off the hook. Of course such an act would cause terrible panic and it is a mixture of sucking up to the rich bankers and malicious glee that is motivating Bush’s actions.

Whether he can get away with this utterly destructive act is questionable but the ethical aspects of such destructive behavior would have utterly no impact on Bush. The most hated President in the history of the office will retire to a gated estate in Dallas, surrounded by a legion of Secret Service guards and enjoy the loot he has acquired during his tenure as the best friend the banking industry has ever had in the White House.”