Voice of the White House

August 7, 2010

Washington, D.C.:
“I read, stunned, that the floods in Pakistan have been caused by….HAARP! My, yes! And the very same HAARP caused the Haiti earthquake as well. And the Indonesia tsunami/earthquake, too! I always thought it was the Illuminati using Tesla death rays, just like they did on the WTC buildings.

I must say, the Internet is an incredible source for anyone not jabbering on their cell phone while stuffing their face on the other side with fresh, candied hog fat. There is an enormous fund of real knowledge there if only people were interested in searching for it. Instead, they gorge, gabble and stare with vacant eyes at the television set, drooling with glee when ‘American Idol’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars’ comes on.

The unions pushed the wages up so high in this country that the manufacturers had to find cheaper sources of labor outside the country. BP is huge, cuts corners, screwed up in the Gulf and finally fixed their mess. BP did not do this on purpose to give the left something to wail about but predictable, the wailing will go on for another month or so.

There is a difference between greedy carelessness and malice.

The so-called Julian Papers are a joke here. We know who ordered them to be released and anyone out there who believes the official lies that it was a 20 year old soldier who stole and released to the Divine Julian almost 100 k pages of moderately classified papers (all of which reflect the Evil Bush and all of which will help Obama’s plans to no end) should be watching FOX News or the Disney channel, which in content are the same thing. (And the hysterically funny Glen Beck looks like an ad for Prozac.)”