Voice of the White House

September 6, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
One hurricane tore into Houston and Louisiana and now another much more dangerous one is bearing down on the Florida Keys and quite probably Miami. That city lies so close to the ocean that even if the hurricane goes to the south of them, the surge of waves will do terrible damage. The Keys look as if they are doomed because the winds are now over 200 mph and the waves are up to twenty feet high. And no one seems to notice that another storm is coming up right behind the current one. The simple fact is that the oceans are warming and a hurricane thrives on warm water. The Gulf of Mexico is now at 85 degrees F. and if the storms get into that body of water, the Gulf coast is certain to be ravaged. Let's all move to Detroit and chase out the legions of rats that now occupy it. Much safer there, although Detroit looks like Dresden, Germany after the 1945 aerial firebombing terror attack that killed over 200,000 Germans.