Voice of the White House
September 6, 2007

Washington, D.C.: “Now, we have the unedifying spectacle of Senator Craig squealing that he wants to change his plea of guilty stemming from his public lavatory gropings. The high brass here is livid with rage with him but the general opinion is that Craig is a petty-minded man, vicious and very, very stubborn. The Party wants him out, now, and he won’t go. On the other hand, if he somehow gets the charge dropped, the Minneapolis people will charge him with the original, and more serious and graphic offense. Craig is a self-hating gay and everyone on the Hill is aware that this is not the first time he had sought gratification in public toilets but if this pathetic drama continues, it will do even more damage to the GOP that Bush is responsible for. They can do nothing about Bush who will never withdraw any units from Iraq until he leaves office….unless he is forced to, but they can go after Craig and take out their frustrations on him. Maybe he and Haggard can get together and open some kind of a business that we ought not to even think about. There are a large number of Craig’s types here and I understand a list has been put together from the records of a credit card male prostitution ring. My, my, if these names are accurate, the Craig business will pale into insignificance. I look for all this to come out very soon and in great detail (no photographs, however).”