Voice of the White House

March 6, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Liars are always caught because lies have short legs. The American and foreign media are an example of this truism. For generations, the media has been the social control arm of the power elite, an arm that justifies all manner of murder, invasions, & domestic control matters. Currently, with the advent of the Internet, the power of the media has developed fatal cracks in its foundations. The chronic lies, the excuses, the justifications fall short when alternative news sources arise. Rich people, wanting to become powerful, buy up media outlets so they can shove their personal beliefs on the public and governments have controlled its reportage since the Roosevelt era. The Internet has brought unhappiness to both the print and television media and because both of them are tools of the economic oligarchy, the power elite would like nothing better to both destroy it and then recreate it in their image.