Voice of the White House

January 6, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “You all have read about the various opinion polls being taken on a regular basis. Nearly all of these polls are up for hire. If someone wants to prove that dogs are wonderful, the pollsters go through their files, locate the names and other data on pet owners, members of the SPCA or animal rights groups and poll them. Naturally, a massive support for animals, and dogs, is the predictable result. Polls constantly show Bush with a 30 % approval rating. Much higher results are found for support of the war. All of these polls are rigged in that the questions are weighted (‘Do you approve of putting nuclear plants that could explode next to a school in your town?’) and the groups asked are also weighed. We in the White House have a special poll that comes in via the DISA system. It is not designed for propaganda purposes but for realistic and very accurate input. These polls are ongoing and appear to be devastatingly accurate. Bush does not see these and in fact has said he did not want to see any poll results. God talks to him and Bush knows what is right and what is wrong. No polls for George! I have gotten the results from the last eight polls and am consolidating them here for your interest. And no doubt, the very few Bush supporters left or jealous bloggers will claim these figures are not true. Their cousin Annie-Mae tells them so. Annie-Mae is always right. Didn’t she predict that Planet X would destroy Houston two years ago? And Houston was destroyed, wasn’t it? What we see from commercial airlines when flying over it is a movie set for a new Tom Cruise movie to be called, ‘The Return of the Thetans.’

Support for the President’s policies 32%

Support for the President as a person 12%

Support for Christian values 65%

Belief in the Rapture 5%

Support for creative design 11%

Support for science/evolution 72%

Support for the Iraqi war 22%

Support for Israel 11%

Belief in the Holocaust 15%

Note: The last figures are very interesting, considering the tidal waves of fictive propaganda daily dumped on the American public. It is obvious that most Americans do not like Jews and really don’t stay awake at night, frantic to protect and defend Israel . The Bush people do that and eventually, we will all pay the very high price for their short-sighted stupidity.”