Voice of the White House

February 6, 2017

Washington, D.C.:
Money talks and billions shout. The current frenzied media and left wing political group screaming hatred of Trump and their attempts to remove him from office are all orchestrated by one man and his cronies. His billions have been poured into many front organizations across the country and their sold goal is to divide the country and bring chaos to the American political and social structures and to establish a left-wing and anti-conservative control system. Petitions, floods of media negativity and public protests and destructive rioting are now upon the nation, thanks solely to the activities of a very tiny group of puppet masters. Prior to the appearance of Donald Trump, this group tightly controlled the domestic and foreign policies of the United States to their satisfaction and enrichment. Trump's completely unexpected election has thrown a wrench into their machinery and they are now out to negate anything he does or proposes and further, to bring him down and reinstall a power structure that better suits their needs.