Voice of the White House

February 6, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
Although the UN has condemned the actions against Julian Assange, neither the US nor Great Britian care. The UN, the darling of the Roosevelts, has as much power in world events today as does the city council for the town of East Buttfuck, Montana. If the US plans to invade some small, but oil-rich country, they loudly claim all manner of civil rights' violations on the part of their intended victim, and get a supporting vote in the captive UN. But if that latter body dares to support measures the US does not like, these are ignored. Assange, an Australian citizen, used to work for the US Army's DARPA program against the Chinese, but when he branched out on his own, taking over the US-controlled Wikileaks, Washington went after him. Wikileaks was later taken over by Russian intelligence and managed to bag Edward Snowden and because of this, reap an incredible reward of tens of thousands of the highest level intelligence documents.