Voice of the White House

February 6, 2011

Washington, D.C.:
"The so-called Stuxnet virus that wreaked so much havoc in Iran recently, was put together in a CIA front lab located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have recently received a set of interesting photos and papers on the subject which could well find their way into the public view quite shortly. Also, I think it is obvious that a blanket of official silence has fallen over Julianís WikiLeaks. After several very obvious attempts on the part of our outraged administration to grab him physically, the new program is to officially ignore him. Of course, this silence extends to the very obedient media as well - but Julian has some interesting material that is slated for publication. When an empire starts into a period of decline, one notes that the secret police always seem to grow in size and mission. That mission is to control the public and prevent internal revolts. It is interesting and often fascinating to note how history always repeats itself. Of course people rarely learn from the past, either..."