Voice of the White House

September 5, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“While the American media is entertaining the American public with the on-going political three ringer, very serious storms are building, and have been building, in the Middle East. Putin, three times more a national leader than George Bush, has bided his time and patiently awaited his enemy, the United States to attack Russia. Both Washington and Moscow were fully aware of the pending Georgian attack on South Ossetia and both did nothing but wait. Bush saw it as another nail in Putin’s political coffin and Putin saw it for an excellent opportunity of destroying America’s credibility as an ally. The terrified flight of the much-vaunted American equipped and trained Georgian army and the ease with which the Russians were able to occupy any part of Georgia they wanted did not go unnoticed in the NATO countries and aside from the erratic Poles, what we saw in Brussels was embarrassed silence when Bush screamed for action. Our lunatic VP, Cheney, is determined to force NATO to take in Georgia but it is known inside the Beltway that this will never happen. And while Americans listen to badly written speeches and platitudes booming out over the tube, the spectre of possible war goes completely ignored. And around the White House, growingly alarmed Republican and Neocons are wondering if they can pull off another Florida vote stealing gambit again. That’s the trouble with Republicans: they live in the past. Their motto is ‘Look Backward,’ and their watchword is: ‘That which has never been, cannot be.”