Voice of the White House

October 5, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
Not only are American intelligence agencies looking into all the personal records of American citizens, they have also expanded this program to include foreign countries' citizens. Great Britian, France, Germany, and Switzerland are also being spied on extensively. They are supported by the White House and none of the Snowden or Greenwald publishings will make the slightest impression on Obama or his snooping employees. These programs are here to stay. Your personal e-mail and telephone conversations, your credit card charges, your bank account records, the contents of your safe deposit boxes, your travel, your personal property such as vehicles, homes and boats are all known or can be known in an instant. Your children's school records, your stock holdings, your insurance policies, and even your pets are subject to government knowledge. If some person inside one of these agencies, or a friend, wants to know all about you, they can. You have no secrets any more and the Administration will pay no attention to your feelings. And if you organize, believe me, the FBI will infiltrate you and you can be arrested without a warrant (Obama signed this one into law) and held in prison at their pleasure. What can be done about this? Think about it.