Voice of the White House

October 5, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“The greatly anticipated debate was a waste of time. Palin giggled and smirked her way throughout its course, not answering questions, flippantly ignoring both Biden and the moderator and in general, displaying a lack of knowledge coupled to a raging ego. If that woman even gets into the White House, I will leave the country the next day. Among other things, Sarah is a religious lunatic, believing in talking in tongues, the fictional Rapture and other nonsense. She believes in witches, has a private life that is nothing to brag about, is greedy and very vindictive. Couple that with a total lack of knowledge of foreign and domestic problems and one has a huge problem considering her ticket as viable. I personally have no problem with a woman in the White House, or even in the Oval Office, but I draw the line at a virago who is also a Jesus freak. I have had encounters with these people (my son was going out with one) and believe me, one keeps as far away from them as possible. It would be one thing if they had odd religious beliefs but these strange people are obsessed and utterly ruthless in trying to shove their demented beliefs on everyone else. My son’s girlfriend had a family who wanted to meet his family and they at once launched into an obnoxious and sustained campaign of incessant yammering about their beliefs and, in general, nothing they ranted about was either based on reality or sanity. I had a terrible time getting them out of the house and my son was so horrified at their verbal bombardments that he broke off the relationship the next day, to our great relief. No, we do not want Sarah Palin anywhere near the levers of power. All of these obnoxious oddities should be herded out into the wilds of Montana, or Alaska, and left for the local animals to dispose of.”