Voice of the White House

June 5, 2016

Washington, D.C.:
One of the most important social issue today in the United States is the growing number of unemployed. Because of the national economic drop caused by the manipulated housing and mortgage issues, followed by the off-shoring of many major American production companies which laid off hundreds of thousands, the actual unemployment numbers have risen to the point where no one is permitted to discuss them. To this problem is added the predatory policies of for-profit schools who load their students up with ever-increasing student loans. These loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. This means that when hundreds of thousand of graduates leave college or university, they are told constantly by their schools that they will immediately be hired at large salaries. This does not happen and the schools are well aware of it. The loans, however, must be repaid and if they are not, predatory collection agencies are turned loose on the victims of scholastic greed. The government will not address this because they will not interfere in policies that make money for their supporters. And the situation only grows worse as many more thousands of graduating students join the ranks of the unemployed.