Voice of the White House

July 5, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
ďThe growing campaign between Obama and McCain is turning out to be a huge farce. McCain is dumb as a post and losing it, and Obama is slicker than snot off a glass-handled door knob. McCain has no program to offer and they are both coming to the conclusion that the fate of our troops in Iraq takes second place, in the minds of most of the electorate, to the toppling economy. If you want to get Americans very angry and active, take something away from them. They donít care about Dafur or even Iraq, but they do care about their cars and the huge increases in pump prices. This is a country living in a bubble and now that it has popped, they havenít a clue about what to do. They canít fly to Orlando to take the yard monsters to Disneyland, because the major airlines are shrinking and the fares are going up and up. Pretty soon, the big airlines will be flying one flight a day from New York to Los Angeles in a huge plane with 500 passengers crammed in with nothing to do but look at their knees, pay $5 for a very small warm Coke and look at all the adverts plastered all over the plane: up on the bins, on the tray and on the bulkheads. Couple this obnoxious crap with sardine tin loads, high fares, 14 hour waits on the tarmac with no air conditioning, having their anus probed by the ex-convicts working for the TSA (who also loot their bags with glee) and, as a final irritant, having the staff try to shove worthless airline credit cards down their captive throats. And believe it, gas will reach $5 by mid-summer, the major car manufacturers will lay off 90% of their staff, drop their pensions and pay the rapidly retiring CEOs hundreds of millions of dollars. Bikes will make a comeback as will motor scooters and even roller skates. This is an exaggeration of course, but very close to the truth. And the enraged public will do strange and terrible things at the polls come November. And who is responsible for this economic malaise? First off, the public for being so greedy, and second, Bush and his Business Friends who have skinned the public to the bone. And when the final splash happens as the entire economy falls into the quarry, Bush and the rest of the crooks will take their bags of money and move to a much healthier clime. As an aside, all Obama has to do is to needle McCain in a nationally televised debate and from what we all know about John, he will explode and shout obscene things, right on prime-time television.Ē