Voice of the White House

January 5, 2016

Washington, D.C.: It is always entertaining to read official propaganda disguised as factual reporting in the American media. One example is the headline about 'US-led coalition strikes...' There is no 'US-led coalition' because the Russians are working with all the others in Syria but not the US. Perhaps the 'US coalition' consists of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Another entertaining fiction is the one that advises everyone that 'US oil production is soaring.' It is not. American oil is very limited in quantity and now that Canada has discontinued her pipeline south, America is more dependent on imported oil than ever before. This reminds me of the club boxer, battered after a fight, telling his friends, 'Did you see how I smashed his fist with my nose in the second round?' The Sunni Saudis have been a cooperative crime partner for many years, but Washington ought to realize that times change and it is important to change with them.