Voice of the White House

January 5, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“The senior members of the rapidly drying-up Bush administration, to include the lying Cheney, are now saying that the U.S. knew nothing about Israel’s long-prepared plans to obliterate the Palestinians trapped in Gaza.

That is, like so much associated with the Bush creeps, a bald-faced lie. The Israeli government officials in Washington were in constant contact with the White House, most especially with Vice President Cheney, over this and Cheney told them that the U.S. would “fully support” any Israeli action but suggested strongly that they undertake it while he and Bush were still in command. Obama was, and is, seen as an untried and relatively unknown factor.

The IDF was supplied with Napalm weapons and cluster bombs, flown in to that country just before the attacks commenced.

At this point, neither Bush nor Cheney give a damn, both having raked in huge piles of bribe and pay-off money from anyone willing to give it to them and they can now retire in safety (they think) and luxury.

While they are enjoying the fruits of theft, the poor Palestinians are dying like flies and this time, the media is anti-Israel.

Oh my, what will the poor people in Tel Aviv do if Obama doesn’t de-mothball the battleship Missouri and send it to shell the Arab residential areas with diligence and dispatch?

The balance is starting to shift and soon enough, we will see many neocons returning to Israel and the highly paid jobs many of them held in Israeli intelligence agencies prior to coming to the Land of Opportunity and much power.

Well, they can take heart from the successful swindles of Bernie Madoff who banked most of his ripped off billions in safe Israeli banks.

If someone doesn’t toss Bernie out of his window, when he gets out of the Federal Country Club jail, they can all lie around on the nice beach at Tel Aviv and swap money stories with the Russian Oligarchs and many others.

Where, I might ask, is Charlie Manson now that we need him?”