Voice of the White House

February 5, 2016

Washington, D.C.: There is increasing fear in official Washington about the possibility of an ISIS attack in the United States. Our borders are not secure and floods of illegals pour into this country from Mexico and Canada. It would only take a few fanatics to create political and domestic havoc by, let us say, bombing some iconic building in a major city. None of these people have thought about setting wild fires or derailing trains, but sooner or later, such activites might dawn on them. The real answer to this kind of terrorism is counter-terrorism. But the destruction, let us say, of a Sunni holy site would also infuriate other Muslim countries, some of whom have vital oil. The German wartime program called 'Night and Fog' is also another solution. In this program, targeted terrorists or their leaders simply vanish while out for a walk with their dog or making a visit to a public lavatory. They are never heard of again and the turmoil caused by the mysterious disappearances causes suspicions and fear in the ranks of the survivors.