Voice of the White House

February 5, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“One of the problems of the internet and these disillusioning times, is that all kinds of conspiracy theories proliferate like fungus in the woods after a rain. But there has been a very serious conspiracy in the country and it certainly has been detected, but under the circumstances, it is doubtful if it will ever see the light of day. But first off, let me say that allegations that the CIA failed to warn this country’s leadership about the 9/11 attacks are entirely false. I think that most of the CIA personnel are mongoloid idiots. Not only did the CIA warn George Bush and Dick Cheney personally about their knowledge of the pending Saudi Arab attacks, but also the Israeli government, through its Mossad, also warned our top leadership, well in advance. The real crime here is that Bush and Cheney did nothing and decided to use the attack, which they had been briefed on in advance, as an excuse to extend American power in the Middle East. Part of the reasons for this was to help their Israeli connections and the rest was to help Cheney’s oil industry friends. Iraq, after all, has a huge collection of oil fields and Saudi Arabia’s are playing out. If we controlled the country, Cheney said, we could control the oil. It didn’t work out that way, did it? And now to the other conspiracy. Powerfully connected Israeli Likudist groups, very active in this country (known as the Neocons) positioned themselves to virtually control American Middle East foreign policy. AIPAC and their stooges like Lieberman and Bush, were firmly in their pockets and what Israel wanted, Israel got. What they ended up getting, in fact, were over 4,000 American dead, tens of thousands badly wounded and total military and civil defeat in Iraq. The Likudists and their supporters have iron control over the American print and television media as well as most of the major banking institutions and they came very close to their ultimate goals of having a lock on all of America’s economic spheres and a powerful American military presence in the Mediterranean solely to protect Israel against Arab aggression, brought on by their own savage actions against the Muslims under their control. Also, the middle to upper levels of the CIA are now stuffed full of the same pro-Likudists, eager and willing to do Tel Aviv’s bidding. What secrets? And if Tel Aviv gets top secret papers, believe that within minutes, these are in Moscow. Something needs to be done about both subjects I have brought up here. We can prosecute the Bush assholes and we can package up the Likudists and ship them to Mother Israel in portable dog kennels. After the sly, and profitable, damage they have done to our intelligence agencies and our stock markets and banks, Israel would be a much better place for them. If Israel won’t take them (as they have taken the huge amount of money stolen by Bernie Madoff) why we could take them all up to 30,000 and drop them out over downtown Miami or Skokie without parachutes...”