Voice of the White House

December 5, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“Well, soon all of my fellow workers will be back working at McDonalds or even better, dumpster diving behind their kitchen looking for food bargains as the lowly, hated, and now very quiet, George Bush flees with a huge Secret Service guard to Dallas and his loyal servants are left to fend for themselves. A once mighty Republican Iron Majority has rusted into virtual collapse, and Karl Rove fled the coop just in time. Of course, the Trash Baron, Rupert Murdoch, hired him for his useless FOX News but that went nowhere. Karl is very smart and very evil and poor Rupert is starting to lose his shirt as his empire, like the Republicans he sucked up to for years, is falling apart. Many of my co-workers are either political fascists or racial bigots and I observe how odd it is that the loudest supporters of a master race look just like barnyard animals. And my what nasty things they say, in relative safety, about the incoming president. One senior staffer called Obama “an uppity nigger” in the cafeteria the other day but his guests at the table merely stared at their plates. Ah, well, it will be another place soon and hopefully, Obama can rescue the nation from its growing trauma. He is much smarter than Roosevelt who nearly dropped the ball in ’33, but we shall see. Of course, the evil bankers and mortgage thieves managed to get their hands on huge amounts of Brother Paulson’s Miracle Economic Cure and will no doubt buy an island in the Caribbean and retire while the rest of us fight for chicken wings at fast food dumpsters.”