Voice of the White House

August 5, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “Nice material in Salon about the crazy Prince who runs the evil Blackwater gang of murderers. He killed a stool pigeon, it seems. Aren’t all these proto-Fascists such wonderful people? Lose the White House and to a black man at that and all the creeps put on their white sheets and start waving signs. And Fat Limbaugh back on the drugs again, shouting that Obama is a Nazi! Jesus, I always suspected that most of the people I had do deal with in the White House during the reign of the real neo-Nazis were closet nuts but I never thought they would take off their masks the way they have. Well, enough of the obvious. Now, it is going to be the breaking up of the worthless CIA. The Prince nutties will be tried in court and it is being planned that some of the Bush people will end up in court as well. Why break up the CIA? These congenital idiots have done more damage to the United States than a whole legion of Saudi terrorists could. They have murdered God alone knows how many people, made brutal torture state policy, started useless revolutions all over the world, started wars, and I recall of my own personal knowledge how they set up torture chambers all over Vietnam. They all thought it was so funny running electric drills into people’s skulls or throwing little children into a pit full of hungry dogs. Oh, if I had my way, they would hang armies of outwardly respectable think tanks and residents of Vienna, Virginia estates up in the trees to rot. I think a public relations war against them would be very profitable at this point.”