Voice of the White House

October 4, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
ďBack from a short visit to Caracas and no comment on that. Two things of interest. Sarah Palin is as nutty as a Christmas fruitcake and the very thought that she is frantic to get the Republican nomination in 2012 is driving serious Republicans crazy. Sarah is as weird as they come but she appeals to the trailer park crowd and there are enough of them to get her some votes but no one in the upper levels of the party wants anything to do with someone who could never get elected to the Oval Office. The GOP is toppling slowly into the depths of oblivion and with Sarah, Rush, Michlle and Glen representing them, the Democrats can stay in power, and get stronger, year by year. Also, the Obama people are very upset with the internet and would love to find some way to weed out their critics and then control it. Canít be done but they talk about it. Also, our useless press is collapsing so the plan will be to make people pay to read their utterly worthless rags on line. If they are thinking that they can make money this way, they can forget it. The proof of that pudding is that crazy Rupert Murdoch actually thinks that people would pay to read his useless rags. The people who read them donít have any money so Rupie is headed for the same quarry bottom that the GOP is falling into.Ē