Voice of the White House

November 4, 2014

Washington, D.C.: The oil wars have taken a new turn by voting in Eastern Ukraine. All of this manufactured uproar on the part of Washington is due to their loss of Crimea, both as a naval base for the US Navy and even more annoying, the loss of the extensive Crimean off-shore oil fields. What we have in both Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine is a manifestation of American President Woodrow Wilson's disastrous 'self-determination of peoples,' that he inflicted on Europe following the First World War and which lead directly to the Second. Crimea was always a part of Russia and the vote for union with Russia following the CIA's recent clumsy foray into Ukrainian politics was entirely genuine. Now, the major industrial Eastern Ukraine, populated mostly by Russians, wants nothing to do with the thoroughly corrupt American satellite, but Washington objects. Although they can never have it both ways, they do try, don't they?