Voice of the White House

June 4, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “The President is proving to be a most effective leader but in attacking the banking system, threatening the massive and very powerful drug companies and refusing to slavishly follow Israel’s demands about spreading into Arab lands, he is by way of causing a small panic in his Secret Service guards. The majority of the masses, which are basically left of center, are fully supportive of Obama but the babbling lunatics of the far right like Limbaugh, cannot abide the thought of a liberal black man in Reagan’s office. They are verging on calling up a racial war, or attempting to, and have said in public that Obama should fail in everything he does. By their attitudes, the far right is turning into a gaggle of lunatics that would grace a group therapy session in a free clinic in the Bronx. And their babblings can well encourage the rabid right to commit some kind of assault on the president in the same way a dedicated anti-abortionist gunned down an obgyn recently. Nothing succeeds like success and like it or not, Obama is a most effective man and a great contrast with his secretive and evil predecessors.”