Voice of the White House

January 4, 2010

Washington, D.C.: “Something of interest I learned from a good friend working in the Defense Investigative Agency. It seems that the CIA was fully aware of the pending airline attack over Detroit but deliberately withheld this information from competent authority. Why? Because the leadership of the CIA leans heavily towards the Republican right (who has coddled them for years) and Israel (there are many Israelis working at Langley and they owe their loyalty only to Tel Aviv, not Washington). The father of the perp went to the American Embassy in Yemen and spoke to the USIA officer. I think that most people know that the USIA is a CIA front, exclusively, and it operates in the embassy and consulate system. The FBI has its people in the same structures; the legates or legal officers. In any case, the USIA officer reported to Langley but, according to my source (the DIA spies on the CIA in some areas) was told to keep quiet about the warning. In other words Langley knew in advance, just as the second Bush administration knew in advance of 9/11, and did nothing. The main reason? To make a fool out of other agencies who should have been notified and, more important, to assist their right wing Republican friends in dissing Obama! Isin’t that wonderful? They are fighting amongst themselves and the rest of us suffer. Suppose the CIA found out that some Muslim crazies were going to poison the public drinking water in, say, Chicago. They could smirk to each other and whisper at lunch and do nothing. Then, when thousands died, they would have struck another blow at Obama. Of course with their record of brutality and pragmatism, the CIA is not known to be either competent or concerned. Sooner or later, all of this will get out. And when it does, the CIA and its GOP friends will quickly invent some crisis elsewhere and the controlled media will rush to gush over it, effectively submerging public interest in matters the CIA wants to cover up.”