Voice of the White House

January 4, 2008

Washington, D.C.: “Many people still think the FBI or the DHS climb up on telephone poles to tap their lines. They don’t have to, since several major phone companies voluntarily pour reams of information on any or all subscribers into the governmental national spy system. To AT&T and SBC, we can add AOL, Google and, most specifically, Internet II to the snitch system. Many of the so-called ‘interactive’ internet sites are fronts for the gathering of information and according to an interesting memo I read a week ago, in California in specific, the Bank of America has a direct liaison with the DHS and supplies them, unasked, for information on customer’s safe deposit holdings and account balances. In California (and perhaps in other states) the DHS can, and does, get into the safe deposit boxes of any customer. There are certain, specific subjects on Google or other information web sites such as Wikipedia, that trigger instant notification to specific governmental agencies. For example, if someone looks up the subject of a change of government in the Ukraine , a major and very secret CIA project, the CIA is notified at once. Someone curious about border security has their name and personal information to include computer IP addresses, on growing lists of “suspect terrorist friendly personages” (as the report reads) or anyone looking up Fidel Castro gets filed as a ‘Communist Cuban sympathizer’ even if, in reality, they are a 15 year old Cuban-American doing a term paper for civics class! Isn’t fascism a wonderful thing, kids?”