Voice of the White House

December 4, 2014

Washington, D.C.:
In using the Internet to search out interesting and timely reports, one is struck by the very obvious news control in the American media. The once impressive New York Times has turned into little more than a pro-Washington gossip sheet on the same level as a high school newspaper. Unemployment, illiteracy, government corruption, and a growing uselessness are concealed from public view with hysterical stories about Putin's Russia, how America is the world's largest supplier of oil (which it isn't) and endless stories about blacks being brutally murdered by white cops. The Guardian annoyed Washington with its coverage of Edward Snowden and was attacked by British authorities (at Washington's strong request) and now talks about rapes in Calcutta or skin diving in Australia. Snowden is still in Russia despite Obama's strident demands that he be extradited to America, there to face weekends in the gas chamber. And the CIA has been unable to kill him so he is now ignored by the strongly controlled western media. And Europe is beginning to discover other unpleasant matters, such as the total vanishing of foreign gold deposits in American banks. The gold was sold off some time ago, mostly to China, to pay for the endless colonial wars Obama and the neo-cons seem to love. And the growing unemployment rolls, the cancelled pensions, the devaluation of the dollar are all glossed over with stories about cats in trees or a flood in East Buttfuck, Montana that destroyed benches in a public park.