Voice of the White House

December 4, 2009

Washington, D.C.:
“There is no new thing under the sun and we are seeing a reprise of this Biblical quotation today in Afghanistan. This nation is in the longest, most expensive and useless war in its history. It was deliberately started by a less than sane Bush administration seeking free oil as our sources in Saudi Arabia were running out and a situation that made George W. Bush a conservative wartime president with its attendant powers. There has been, and is, enormous damage to this second Vietnam, both in human lives and money but this has escaped the new administration who, like Nixon, think that a “final effort” will bring a much-desired victory. It will not. The Russians, who had a much larger army and who were far closer, could not win against the guerrilla warfare encouraged by our very own CIA who organized, funded and supported the same Taliban our military is trying to beat. The same precious CIA that brought us the Taliban is now trying to destroy it using robotic aerial drones with horrific results. In spite of all the lies put out by what Harry Truman called the Criminal Idiots’s Association about “stunning” effects of guided missiles, this murderous project has killed over 11,000 quite innocent civilians in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and every day care center, every wedding party, every small mud village that is blasted into fragments is termed “a successful attack on top Taliban leaders.” Official CIA, and DoD reports are nothing but lies. The deaths, and they are far more numerous than the spin-merchants (read “liars”) have stated and the number of “top Taliban leaders” killed amounts to three while the ten thousand other deaths are minimized. “Oh, kiddies” the CIA says, “just look over there at the enemy militant headquarters and the dead terrorists!” to keep us from seeing the ruins of a school filled with the mangled remains of small children. Does our wonderful CIA kill all these people with great glee? Why no, they do not. They farm the job out to the brutal, bloody sadists known as ‘Blackwater,’ a private army of a self-important religious fanatics who love power and hate all non-Christians with equal fervor. These professional killers are hired by the CIA and work closely with the DoD so that these agencies can take credit for any successes but quickly deny any murderous excesses that might accidentally get noticed by the trained media. The Blackwater thugs quickly gained a terrible reputation in Iraq and they are now, with smiling permission, heaping Pelion upon Ossa in Afghanistan by slaughtering women and children without let or hindrance while their evil controllers in Langley are rubbing their hands together and issuing lying proclamations that even Dr. Josef Goebbels would have shunned. The Germans, all in all, have loudly been accused, mostly by Jewish groups seeking money and political power, of all manner of unprincipled atrocities against unarmed civilians while paying a private army of murderous sadists to do just what the Germans were accused, mostly falsely, of doing. It should be noted that leaders were hung at Nuremberg for this and there is no reason why we can’t hang a few here on the same charges. A fellow worker in the vineyards of the Lord put a print out in my inbox this morning that I will quote. Regretfully, it was not identified as to the source, so I apologize in advance for not giving someone else the credit: ’The Bush administration never had any intention of liberating Afghanistan or establishing democracy. The real aim was to remove the politically-intractable Taliban and replace them with a puppet regime run by a former-CIA asset. The rest of Afghanistan would be parceled-off to the warlords who assisted in the invasion and who had agreed to do much of the United States dirty-work on the ground. In the eight years of military occupation which followed, that basic strategy has never changed. The U.S. is just as committed now as it was at the war's inception to establish a beachhead in Central Asia to oversee the growth of China, to execute disruptive/covert operations against Russia, to control vital pipeline routes from the Caspian Basin, and to maintain a heavy military presence in the most critical geopolitical area in the world today.’”