Voice of the White House

April 4, 2008

Washington, D.C.:
“George Bush is a petty, vindictive creep. If he can’t have his way, he immediately thinks of ways to annoy people. He knows his days are numbered in the Oval Office and that he has no legacy to contemplate and is aware people hate him. He knows that the Texas university that is planning to house his sacred library, where he wants to have an elegant office, has most of their faculty opposing his presence and he knows his approval rating is down almost to single figures.

And what does he do? He decided to let ranchers kill wolves in spite of the stink that's made, or probably because of it. He had dredged up a slate of appointees that the Mexican parliament would jib at and now the word around the Monkey Palace is that George, with the encouragement of Cheney, wants to put a huge crimp in social security payments, cut Medicare way back and most important, cut food stamp issuance back 60%! He is looking for some Yoo character to tell him it’s legal to do this and then he will.

Why cut these vital lifelines? Because it looks like Obama might make it and Bush does not like blacks. The old phrase, ‘Welfare Queens’ can be heard now and then and if it can be done, Bush will do it. He is a mean man but I have a nice joke I have been telling around here which I will pass on to all of you:

When George was a little boy, he saw a program on ice fishing. He decided he wanted to ice fish. As his family were out of town, he got a folding stool, an axe, a fishing pole and tackle from his father and his usual bottle of Jim Beam and off he went. It was winter and George knew right where the ice was. He put the stool down and began to chop a hole in the ice. Suddenly, a voice boomed out, 'There are no fish under that ice!' George then picked up his stool and gear and walked a few dozen yards away and put everything down again. And again, when he started chopping a hole in the ice, the same voice boomed out again, 'There are no fish under that ice!' This time George got angry. ‘Is that you, God?’ he asked in a weak voice. ‘No!’ came the reply. ‘It’s the skating rink manager!’

Now that’s just a story but it is true that the Bush family wouldn’t let little George play in their outdoor sandbox because when he did, the neighbor’s cats tried to bury him.”