Voice of the White House

September 3, 2009

Washington, D.C.: “I cannot conceive of greater stupidity than the current performance of Dick Cheney on the national stage. By his loud, insistent mouthings about his very own personal torture programs and his defense of those who gleefully carried it out, he is setting himself up as a very tempting target for those who are now hunting for trophy heads. There is no question at all, based on everything I have heard and seen here that there will be prosecutions of torturers, CIA and Blackwater, but the official trend has been to pick on the soldiers and not the commanders. This happened at the prison investigations when a few lower rankers were piously sentenced for carrying out the orders of their superiors but presently, by his actions, Cheney is marking himself down as a man who will most certainly have to be added to the growing list of high level officials now under investigation for the deliberate violation of a number of national and international laws against torture. It would be indeed wonderful to see both the obnoxious Yoo and Addington on the defendant’s bench but at this time, the idea is that if they were nailed, they would talk and then the investigations would have to ratchet up to include not only Cheney but Bush himself. Perhaps the whole unholy coven can charter an El Al plane, fly to Israel and have themselves declared Israeli citizens. It is well known that Israel will never, ever, extradite a Jew, born or acquired, to any country for any crime. Including torture.”