Voice of the White House

March 3, 2013

Washington, D.C.:
Our government rarely uses intelligence when performing its official duties. I am thinking here of the Obama people attacking any and all whistle-blowers and making vain efforts to get their hands on Julian Assange so they can illegally prosecute him and try to jail him for life. They had to settle for Bradley Manning, a young, very intelligent technician who obtained and passed on to Assange a huge collection of highly embarrassing official emails. Manning did not do this for money and was trying to inform the American public to military and diplomatic outrages, most of which were not only immoral but illegal. For his attempts, Manning was harassed by the military and kept in custody for over a thousand days in an effort to break him down. That they were unable to do so can be seen in his statements to the court. The Obama people are well aware that their organs are deeply engaged in all manner of illegal actions, to include murdering innocent civilians, smuggling drugs, torturing prisoners, assassinating anyone they feel they ought to, spying on the American public and on and on. In another time, a person who uncovered crime was rewarded, but under the present system they are punished. The government will, I predict, find Bradley Manning a terrible embarrassment. Given that, look for him to have a fatal heart attack or hang himself in his cell.